Why one more website on Project Management Professional (PMP) - PMPQuest?

Welcome to my first blog on PMPQuest.com.

Your question is valid. Why one more website? In the web world, so many websites on PMP provide some useful information. That’s correct. My intention starting this website is very simple – “Share the knowledge, what you know to grow yourself”. Looks simple, right! In my mind, a thought to start a new website was lingering since June 2007. I wanted a website from PMP aspirant’s perspective like from where to start, clarifying their questions/doubts, providing notes on each and very chapter etc. But because of the busy work schedule, I didn’t find time to put my thoughts on paper. This year in Jan , I decided to act on it and my spouse supported the same.

Finally in Feb 2008, I registered the website www.pmpquest.com and launched it with some contents. Intention is share the knowledge, notes over the net on PMP (Project Management Profession) subject and that also absolutely Free! In future, I have few plans like starting pod cast, video lessons etc. In spite of my busy schedule, I tried to convert my notes into web pages and still working on the same. Till date I have completed FAQ, PDU, & Fundamental sections. Believe me it’s a lot of work to do as I am thinking from a PMP aspirant’s perspective.  So please bear with me till I complete all the other sections. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Request you all PMP aspirants to visit www.pmpquest.com and provide some feedback. Your feedback will boost my morale to complete this website and really appreciate your inputs. Suggestion, questions, if any, are welcome.

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6 Responses to “Why one more website on Project Management Professional (PMP) - PMPQuest?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Well it can be a daunting task and it helps to know the payoff is worth the efforts and we all have the trial by fire in the exam. Good Luck in your quest and I will be watching your efforts.

  2. jonnyboy24 Says:

    Never heard of it before, but after reading this can say with assurance, that it’s a point of great interest and fun for me

  3. VoIP Monitor Says:

    Looks perfectly straight to me. Of course, I’m also the type of person who allegedly [ahem! allegedly] agree with everything.

  4. skinnydog Says:

    You are the brick! Reading stuff like this written in the way like this is a great pleasure for me.

  5. ChocolateDog Says:

    This post is awesome. I’m impressed by your style - experienced blogger, huh? Added your blog to my favs.

  6. CarolB Says:


    Not what I was looking for, but good website. Thank you….